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Info Beyond provides your firm with a competitive advantage by combining, thorugh experience in trial presentation and cutting edge digital technology.

Info Beyond’s partnership with the technology leader Computer Research Center assures a wining combination for any firm requiring litigation technology to manage the litigation process.

Computer Research Center has been providing high technology solutions to firms for over 22 years. Their expertise, combined with Info Beyond’s experience provides the ideal leverage to prevail at every stage of the law suit.


What we do...

Your firm requires a comprehensive suite of litigation technology solutions optimized to assist you and your staff prevail at every stage of the legal proceeding. We focus exclusively on the legal community specializing in electronic courtroom presentations by developing and managing evidence to maximize its¡¦ impact on the jury. 

Your firm seeks to leverage the latest technologies to position your client to get the best possible result. Firms that utilize our state of the art digital capabilities are better organized and negotiate more successfully from a position of strength. With our experienced staff and cutting edge technologies, we provide a complete solution from discovery to verdict to help your firm present and win your case.

Your firm must present complex evidence so that it is easy to understand or transform boring evidence into interesting and easier to assimilate information that a jury will remember. In today’s world of video and high definition television, juries retain information better through visual presentation.

We are highly skilled and experienced at converting complex concepts into impactful, informative and memorable presentations through the use of integrated, multimedia graphics and digital technologies.

Your firm has to electronically set up, structure, manage and streamline the handling of all documents in preparation for trial or settlement. This includes: Digital Deposition Services, Document Scanning, Document Reproduction, Document Coding, Full Text OCR, Electronic Data Discovery and High-Speed Digital Printing. We provide full technology consulting services and support to address each phase of your case from discovery to decision.

In addition to comprehensive Database Management Services we provide Audio/Video/Data Duplication & Conversion, Electronic & Manual Bates Numbering, Legal Software Implementation and Web Repository. 

The result is increased efficiency, a stronger bargaining position, reduced costs, greater results, and happier clients.



Yousef Alinaghian, President

Kazem Alinaghian CTO